Lace front wigs - Everything you need to know!

Lace front wigs - Everything you need to know!

Lace front wigs: Which is better, human hair or synthetic hair?

Of course, the question cannot be answered concretely. There are certainly people for whom only human hair is suitable for aesthetic and health reasons. And human hair is also ethically innocuous - the hair is not forced on anyone: for many women in more rural regions in central China or north-east China, from whom the human hair processed for us comes, it is a welcome additional income to let the hair grow until it is sold can. The longer the healthy hair, the more expensive the price that women can get, and the more expensive real hair products will be. Let us summarize it like this: the price for a very long human hair wig is hardly justifiable if you compare it with a quasi just as beautiful and long wig made of high quality synthetic fiber. Shorter real hair wigs, on the other hand, are not much more expensive than synthetic hair wigs with the same processing, and the care and wear and tear caused by friction and matting is not very high for short hair, both for synthetic hair and real hair.


Lace front wigs: Do you not immediately recognize with a synthetic hair wig that the hair is fake?

The wig industry has been working for decades to make the distinction between human and synthetic hair increasingly difficult, even for experts. And with the results, you too can be proud to be seen. That your synthetic hair wig or the pinched hair extensions are not your own hair will not be seen at first or second glance. Rather, it is important that you feel comfortable with the chosen wig style and color, both of which suit you. The more you are convinced of your effect in the mirror, the more confident you will be able to appear in public - and nobody will even think that you are wearing hair replacement. Then again there are wigs that should stand out - such dazzlingly unusual creations that your fellow human beings cannot avoid looking after you with their mouths open. We also love and sell such wigs.



Lace front wigs: Color
What can I do if the hair piece does not match my hair color?

Unfortunately, you cannot dye a synthetic hair piece yourself. Matching your own hair color to the hair piece is probably far too expensive and we assume you don't want that. You can of course send the hairpiece back to us. If you enclose a (not too short) strand of your own hair with the return, our colleagues in the warehouse can very precisely determine the appropriate color standard in direct comparison. We determine the color standard number that suits you. With this color standard number you can orient yourself much better when buying wigs online than with product photos. Even though our pictures were taken professionally in the studio in optimal light (and with the actual product), different lighting conditions and varying screen settings can cause color errors. We therefore always state the color standard number for all products.


Lace front wigs: Dyeing. Can you dye synthetic hair?

Generally: No. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed with commercially available hair dyes and hair tones. As good as lifelike good synthetic hair fibers can look, the scaled surface structure of real hair, in which the color application also holds, is missing. For hair pieces, try to match your own hair color as best as possible with the color standards and use these as a guide - this is even safer than the photos. If the result of the color application does not have to look real and natural, you can also use colored powder or color sprays for synthetic hair products for a temporary effect.

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Can you dye extensions and wigs from real hair?
Theoretically yes. In practice, however, there are also a few problems. Many extensions, hairpieces and wigs that are currently available on the market and are only approximately affordable are made of Asian hair. In order to be able to offer the variety of colors that the European market demands, the hair is already colored. Especially with lighter shades, this is a very aggressive process that damages the natural scaling of the hair.

Repeated dyeing is not only not beneficial to the structure of such already colored hair. Strange mixed colors can also occur. They look less funny when you realize how much you paid for the product. As a rule, you do not dye such an already colored wig lighter, only darker. We also offer some of our wigs in the color standard 0. Standard 0 means that this is the natural, undyed hair color. The color may not look that much on the product photos, but you can dye these hair products yourself, although of course, for lighter shades, you also have to dye them aggressively.


Lace front wigs: What are the different types of wigs?

We differentiate between the wigs made on the sewing machine in terms of production types. Wigs can differ dramatically in their effect - with this production method, cheap synthetic fibers for carnival wigs can be processed as well as high-quality, almost lifelike materials. The processing and comfort of the wig caps on which the braids are sewn will also differ depending on the purpose. This processing of wefts is the most common and popular way of manufacturing. On the other hand, there are types of production that rely at least in part on hand-knotted parts - lace wigs, monofilaments and partial monofilaments are produced with a considerably greater expenditure of time and production.


Lace front wigs: Shine - The hairpiece or wig shines too much compared to my own hair - what can I do?

You could evenly dab powder on the wig with a sponge, which breaks the shine.

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Lace front wigs: Durability - How long does a wig last?

This depends, in addition to the care taken care of and the intensity of the stress, particularly on the length of the wig (or hair piece). While they can wear short wigs for many months even with daily use, long wigs show obvious signs of wear after just a few weeks. Typical is the gradual felting of the lengths and tips, which is inevitable regardless of the material, whether real hair or synthetic. The problem stems from the constant friction on the shoulders and back, which roughen the surface of the hair and make it brittle. The longer the hair, the more serious is this effect, which of course is also enhanced when you wear the wig during dance and sports. In order to compensate for the protection of the natural hair surfaces by fats from the hair roots and to counter this effect at least for a certain time, special care products, shampoo and balms have also been developed and constantly improved for synthetic hair and human hair wigs.

If you do not have such a care product on hand or it is too expensive for you, a simple home remedy has proven itself well for synthetic hair wigs - normal fabric softener. Let your wig or the rough, matting areas soften a little in a lukewarm water band with the addition of fabric softener. After air drying, the rough areas are softer and easier to comb. For combing - just like you would comb your own, long and tangled hair, from the tips upwards - do not use a brush, but a coarse-toothed, antistatic comb. At some point, however, the clasp will certainly be so serious that you cannot avoid a new wig or a hair piece.


Lace front wigs: Do I have to take my wig off to sleep?

Yes, that makes sense. And you will notice that it is not just a question of comfort. If you put your wig on a wig stand or decorative head in the evening, regardless of the length, the material and the type of production, and arrange it again, you will enjoy it for much longer. But if it is conducive to the special situation, you can of course go to bed with the wig.


Lace front wigs: How often do I have to wash a wig?

Above all, that is entirely up to your own sense of hygiene - generally: if you have sweated profusely, if the wig smells of smoke after a party or club night, then of course that is imperative. But otherwise: you don't have to wash a wig often. Of course, you can also use wigs shampoos and balms to counteract signs of wear such as the inevitable roughening and matting of the hair lengths, but after all, even the careful hand washing suggested in the usual care instructions is always stressful for the processing and the material.



How do I get a matted wig nice and smooth again?

Let your wig or the rough, matting spots soften a little in a lukewarm water band with the addition of fabric softener. After air drying, the rough areas are softer and easier to comb. For combing - just like you would comb your own, long and tangled hair, from the tips upwards - do not use a brush, but a coarse-toothed, antistatic comb.


Lace front wigs: Cutting. Can you cut wigs yourself?

Of course, you can cut wigs - no matter whether in length or on the bangs or parting if it falls a bit too long for you. If you are not quite sure with the scissors, a hairdresser will also help you.


How do I fasten the wig so that it doesn't slip off my head?

I think we are all too much influenced by the junk in old black and white comedies. The wigs that you buy from us are full wigs - toupees for the top, either with clips or adhesive surfaces, are offered separately as such.

Wigs are sewn or knotted on a hair net that fully encloses your head. Carnival wigs are usually sewn onto a lighter net with an elastic edge. Higher quality wigs often have a firmer, more stable net or wig cap, in which elastic bands with hooks and small tabs are sewn. These allow a standard size wig cap to be set safely and optimally even on very small head sizes and bald heads. Especially without your own hair on your head, it is extremely comfortable if you wear one of these simple and very cheap wig caps under a wig - the seams of the wefts rub less on the scalp and the wig sits more tightly.

In the case of really very small heads - for example, if you want to adapt our wigs, which are tailored to adults' heads, to children - there is also the option of fixing hair clips in your own hair through the wig network or in the wig hood that is also worn under the wig.


Can I wear a synthetic hair wig every day?

Of course, you can also wear a synthetic hair wig for many hours every day. You can increase comfort, especially if you no longer have your own hair, by wearing a wig hood under the wig.

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Do I need an extra wig hood? Do I need a hairnet?

An additional wig hood is not necessary for wearing a wig. But it makes it easier to put it on and noticeably increases its comfort. If you have long hair yourself, you can distribute it evenly under the wig hood before putting on the wig. This way you avoid hair bulges and distortions under the wig, over which the hair of the wig may not fall nicely and have no trouble with stubborn strands of your own hair that always stick out somewhere under the wig.

Even if you do not have your own hair, a wig hood is recommended for a better fit of the wig and a higher wearing comfort, especially with braids wigs. They prevent the sutures from rubbing against the scalp and causing irritation to the skin if worn permanently. A wig hood is sometimes almost essential if the color of the wig is in stark contrast to your own hair color. If you have very dark hair yourself, but would like to wear a platinum blonde wig, you should hide your own hair under a light (beige / blonde) wig hood and thus reduce the harsh contrast somewhat.

Conversely, this is not so tragic, since dark hair with a wig with the same density and volume actually covers much better than very light hair - but, in addition to all the advantages described above, it is better to use a dark wig hood for light blonde hair.


Lace front wigs: Styling


Can I use curling irons and straighteners?

Only for real hair wigs and wigs, hair pieces and extensions made of heat-resistant thermal fiber - up to 180 degrees Celsius - should you use devices that can generate considerable contact heat. We would advise against this for most of the wigs in our range. What you can do instead, you can read in the next point curls as on the first day.


The curls in my wig are a little loose. How are the curls as beautiful as on the first day?

An alternative to smoothing or luring synthetic hair wigs nonetheless is to use baths (or showers) in very hot but not boiling water. The temperature should be around 80 degrees Celsius. If you want to straighten a curly wig, leave the tempered water carefully - risk of burns! - run over the wig, for example in the shower or in the tub or in a wide sink, in which the wig can stand safely - for example on a wig stand.

Then let the wig air dry like after a wash and repeat the process if necessary. If, on the other hand, you want to get curls in a straight wig or if you want to give tired, unhinged curls a new bounce, twist conventional plastic curlers into your hair and proceed exactly as described above. If you have a large, deep pot on hand, you can also heat the water and wig in it - just be careful not to let the water boil. After the wig has air dried, remove the curlers.


Can I also braid a wig in synthetic hair?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. You should only consider a model that has relatively evenly long hair, no layered hairstyle - but that's actually so clear that we almost didn't dare to write it here. Braided hair is also a way to conjure up beautiful, loose waves in straight hair - and also synthetic hair - simply after you have braided the braids after hours and possibly even after a treatment in a hot water bath.


Can I use hairspray to style a wig?

Yes, you can. Ideally, however, look for a water-soluble product with a very low alcohol content.




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