Styling & Aftercare

How do I style a curly wig?

Step 1. Wet Hair using a water spray bottle, fluff hair using hands only 
Step 2. Apply Leave-in conditioner
Step 3. Add mousse (Separate your desired parting & Smooth the hair)
Step 4. Apply Gel. Repeat Steps: WATER, Leave-in, Mousse (Optional), Gel (Optional)
Step 5. Diffuse hair (on low heat)

The Proper Way To Detangle The Curly Unit:

What you will need is rat-tail comb, spray bottle and hair conditioner
1. Separate your hair into sections
2. Grab each section in the middle and you want to smooth the bottom hair first by using the pointed end of the rat tail comb. DO NOT USE THE FRONT PART OF THE COMB.
3. Then you want to smooth the whole section from the root to the very end by using the pointed end of the comb. That way, the frizz would be easily detangled.
4. After the smooth job is done, don't forget to fix it and spray your hair with the conditioner mist. Then there you have a beautiful puffy curly unit.

The Wrong Way To Detangle The Curly Unit:

Don't Use a Brush: You don't want to use brush to comb your curly hair unit. With the brush, you can accidentally pull out hairs.
*TIP: Don’t use a wide tooth comb on dry hair. A very wide tooth comb should be used only on damp hair or you may accidentally pull some hairs out.


1. You want to start by brushing all of your hair back and making sure it is laid down flat.

2.Put your stocking cap over your head. After brushing the wig, place it on your ahead, on top of the stocking cap.

3. Spray a light mist of water on the parting area to slick it down. Afterwards, tie it down with a scarf. It is even better if you tie it with a scarf overnight. 
4. Slide the wig combs that are attached to the wig into your head to ensure a snug fit.

5.For a more natural appearance, bring out some of your hair around the edge to blend well with the front of the wig. You can also create a line coming from the lace onto your real scalp to make this area look as realistic as possible.

6. Then use concealer or powder that is the same shade of your scalp. Don't focus the concealer too much on the line of the demarcation between your hair and the lace wig. It is better to focus on the lace and your scalp, because when you are focusing too much on that line, it will obvious be too wiggy.

7. Then you want to lay the edges down with your mousse or a light gel you like to use.